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I am an environmental educator and naturalist.  I have been interpreting the natural world to audiences for over ten years.  My passion is studying natural history and teaching others about the wonderful outdoors and the amazing creatures that live there.  I enjoy providing children and adults with magical moments of discovery and curiosity.

I also love helping people create healthier landscapes for the wildlife that lives all around us.  It’s easy to make your own landscape, big or small, beneficial to the birds, bugs, and frogs!  Let me take you exploring and discovering!

I studied biology, ecology, and parks/recreation at Penn State.  Since then I’ve worked at four different nature centers!  I have all state and federal background checks and clearances required for working with children, as well as regular first aid and CPR certifications.

I offer nature programs or festival booths for youth, family, and adult audiences.   Contact me to schedule an event!

Yellow Perch    Kelsey with Spotted Salamander


Kelsey A. Frey’s Brief Professional Bio:

Career History-

PT Naturalist at Lancaster County Parks – 2016- Present

FT Naturalist at York County Parks – 2011- Present

Environmental Educator and Camp Director at Pickering Creek Audubon Center – 2009-2011

Environmental Educator at Shavers Creek Environmental Center – 2007-2008

Community Volunteer and Outreach-

Organizer of Lancaster Native Plant and Wildlife Festival

Member of Lancaster Herpetological Society

PA Amphibian and Reptile Survey Volunteer

Member of Lancaster Fossil and Mineral Club

Volunteer at Forgotten Friend Reptile Sanctuary

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